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Life goes on and we get lost

Seriously, can I keep up with this thing?

But then again, I'm not the only one who's been quite for a while.

Well life is life and nothing exciting has been happening.


Moving in

Alright so I'm back in Twilight Town. I'm moving in to my new house.

It's a nice place and I love it. As soon as everything's set up and school's started back up I'm going to have a house warming party.

Oh, did I mention I have a greenhouse of my own attatched to the house? I don't have to live at the school's anymore! And I can develop the projects I want with or without approval!


Hey guys. The last few weeks have been hell on me. So I'm taking a haitus to recover. i'll be back around the weekend of the 21st


So I'm looking into a few potential places for my new house. I found a beautiful place on Oblivion Way near that old park I've decided to have the gardening club restore for our community service this semester.

Anyways, its way too big to live there on my own, would anyone be interested in living off campus with me?

There's no rent because my Dad says he'll by the place flat out, I just need someone to split utilities with.


Alright so... I'm in Twilight Town, crashing at Larx and Xig's. I failed to realize how full this house was until I was living in it.

How is everyone?

Hello everyone. I'm still alive.

It's summer again... Ugh why does it have to be so hot here?

Oh btw if anyone noticed I'm not in Twilight Town anymore. I'm back in Wonderland as per my yearly agreement with Dad. Summer noble training to be able to stay in TTU to get my PhD.

But don't worry, I'll be back next week for a visit. Dad might even give me two weeks. I'm comming back to see all you but I've got to apartment hunt. I'm sick of campus living.

So drop me some love and give me the 411 on everything going on.

OOC Haitus

hey guys. I'm going to be going on vacation for my graduation present.

I leave tomorrow and I'll be gone until the following Thursday. Bye all~ Have fun!


Someone drag me out of the greenhouses please. I'm living here more than I am my own dorm room.

Larxene, please tell me your free to do something. The prince needs to be broken out of his glass castle.

I have returned

Sorry about my disappearance before my planned leaving. I had an emergency trip back to Wonderland.

My grandmother fell ill before the Valentine's ball so I had to leave mid-last week. She's alright though, I swear that woman's immortal.

I did bring back gifts for everyone so I will be playing delivery boy for the next few hours. I'll be stopping at Larxene and Xig's last because if I go first, I'm gonna stay there a while and no one's gonna get the rest of the presents.
I'm alive. I swear. Just so much happening.

I don't even know where to start.